Smart Building Solutions

Home automation products are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Home automation products installed in new housing developments are becoming commonplace. Home security systems that can be remotely monitored by the home owner are increasing at unprecedented rates.

The newest technologies of today are the everyday applications of tomorrow. Investing in home automation allows you to lead the way instead of following.

Full Control your home with a simple touch

ITQAN smart buildings solution could be easily controlled via Smart phones or tablets and sends notifications to your application, enabling our clients to keep an eye on the event and in control of their properties. Here are some screen shots showing our application features and how easy it is to control your home.
  • Easily monitor his home and keep track of any events.
  • Monitor Temperature , Illumination changes.
  • Check the security via Camera , Door , Windows check.
  • Create scenes and run scenarios for events.
  • User can schedule certain routines and events.
  • User can easily drag/drop your scenes , macros and switch between.
ITQAN is KNX systems integrator for ABB, Switzerland, and Authorized Z-wave distributor for CollieTec Corp., USA.

We capitalize on our yard of expertise in this domain to provide our clients with smart solutions for their residential and commercial properties integrating systems and devices to provide a total solution for Power Saving, Energy Monitoring, Security systems, Automatic Control …etc. making sure that our clients are receiving a top quality service, support and experiencing new level of comfort and luxury.

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