Who we are

Whatever we do, we do it with ITQAN; literally PERFECTION. This is our motto and our way of developing SMART solutions, going hand in hand with our customers to put our knowledge under the service of our community. The whole world is revolving around Technology and its applications. Our vision is to add value to the technology we use and the systems we design, that would surely lead us to a better world.

We do our best knowing that success lies exactly where hard work and creativity intersect. We add years of accumulated expertise to scientific research activities, and mix it with a broad knowledge in order to come out with innovative solutions that meet our customers' business challenges. To us, information and communication technology is a hobby and passion, not just a profession.

Our mission is to make the working environment TECHNICALLY better and make the lives of people easier and happier depending on smart ICT solutions. We believe we should make people play as they work, enjoy the work they do, and do it their own way relying on our products, services and smart solutions.