Leading MENA’s tech evolution with 70+ years of expertise. Embrace our AI capabilities for innovative solutions. Our committed team shapes a smarter future for your business.

Strategic Consultation

Put your business on the right track for growth through our consultation services. Benefit from a fully integrated ecosystem and cross-domain applications for optimized business solutions and best deployed technologies that will accelerate your growth.

Ready-Made Solutions

(Plug and Play) Streamline your operations effortlessly with our turn key solutions. With a wide range of products, tailored for Automotive, Oil & Gas, Food Aggregators, Shipping Lines, E-Commerce, E-Learning, and ERP for SMEs. We offer seamless integration for immediate impact.

Bespoke Digital Solutions

Our full fledged team of product managers, engineering, designers, quality assurance and DevOps specialize in creating customized user-centric tech solutions that align with your business goals, optimizing efficiency and performance.

Technologies of tomorrow

AR/VR Expertise

Speaking the immersive technologies language of AR/VR and shifting towards the future in Mixed Reality MR. Targeting Social, E-commerce, Educational, and Medical Applications.

Business Application development

Using fundamental Web and Mobile applications, cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS products, and software solutions using Oracle, Microsoft technologies, MEAN or MERN stacks, we help you achieve your tech goals.

Data Collection and Augmentation

Expertise in preparing and enhancing large datasets for training models, including accurate annotation and diverse data augmentation techniques.

Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms Development

Proficiency in creating and optimizing algorithms for image processing, object recognition, and feature extraction, 3D modeling, …etc.

Deep learning and Generative Models Customization and Training

Specialized knowledge in deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and other deep learning architectures for image analysis and Generation.

ITQAN Ready-Made Solutions


Turn Any Image into a 3D Masterpiece

Konvert breathes life into your products. Simply upload a photo or video, and our AI instantly generates a high-quality 3D model. No modeling expertise needed!
Konvert empowers businesses of all sizes – from retailers to educators – to create stunning AR/VR experiences that captivate audiences.


Unleash Your Inner AR Creator – No Code Required

visAR puts the power of WebAR in your hands. This no-code platform lets anyone, regardless of technical skill, build interactive augmented reality experiences. Simply drag, drop, and customize – visAR takes care of the rest.
Boost engagement for marketing campaigns, enhance learning experiences, and revolutionize product visualization with visAR.


The Future of VR Learning is Here

ViRe is the all-in-one solution for virtual reality labs. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, ViRe rapidly creates immersive learning content for any subject. Multiplayer functionality fosters collaboration, while instructors can seamlessly connect with students in the virtual world. ViRe empowers educational institutions to deliver rich, interactive learning experiences at a fraction of the cost and time.